Is Teleworking the new way to work?

Teleworking, or telecommuting, allows you to work in a different place than the office. The work is done in a place away from the central offices or production facilities, through the use of new information and communication technologies (ICTs).

It is the work done remotely using ICTs to sell products and services to the world. The concept “at a distance” means that you can work from home, a family member or friend, a hotel, a restaurant, a bus, a car, a cyber or any other place. The ICTs necessary for these tasks are basically PC, Internet, cell phone, telephone and digital camera, among others. The Internet includes mainly web browsing and email. And, as the case may be, blogs, websites, translation software, instant messaging (chat) and IP telephony (voIP).

The ILO defines teleworking as a form of work carried out in a location away from a central office or production facilities, separating the worker from personal contact with colleagues working in that office and how new technology makes this separation possible. facilitating communication. Find out more here.