Is Teleworking the new way to work?

Teleworking, or telecommuting, allows you to work in a different place than the office. The work is done in a place away from the central offices or production facilities, through the use of new information and communication technologies (ICTs).

It is the work done remotely using ICTs to sell products and services to the world. The concept “at a distance” means that you can work from home, a family member or friend, a hotel, a restaurant, a bus, a car, a cyber or any other place. The ICTs necessary for these tasks are basically PC, Internet, cell phone, telephone and digital camera, among others. The Internet includes mainly web browsing and email. And, as the case may be, blogs, websites, translation software, instant messaging (chat) and IP telephony (voIP).

The ILO defines teleworking as a form of work carried out in a location away from a central office or production facilities, separating the worker from personal contact with colleagues working in that office and how new technology makes this separation possible. facilitating communication. Find out more here.


how can i earn money from my car

10 interesting car-related ways to make money

This is a Listing of Helpful car-related resources I’ve found online and Might help People That Are looking to make money from their beloved vehicles.

1. This site teaches us different ways to make a profit buying and selling used cars. 

2. Here it’s possible to discover how to start exporting and importing automobiles.

3. Are you actually an artist? Then this is your chance of discovering all you would ever need to learn about drawing automobiles and promoting your artwork.

4. Are you turning a profit in the auto dealership business already? Here you’ll be able to find out all you want to know to increase your earnings.

5. This can be an intriguing website with information about captured automobile government-run auctions that, if you use the proper spins could develop it into another odd way to generate cash with your auto wisdom and passion.

6. This site educates you, in a method to”draw” a vehicle every day of your life. (?)

7. Another one for the artists on the market, because why not starting to make money from automobile spray painting movies? It might work or it might not, I don’t know. There is just 1 way to discover! And if it doesn’t, this page features something similar.

8. This site claims to educate you on the subtle art of getting paid to drive your vehicle.

9. How about profiting from selling service guides, there is a range of approaches to promote them online. And if it doesn’t work out, at least you have lots os super useful repair guides to learn from.

10. The final idea is to offer a credit history report to individuals considering purchasing a used vehicle.

Is teaching online the best job in the world?

My principal motive to delve into an Online English Teaching career was that I love starting day at 10 AM daily and I love using a great deal of time for myself personally and for my own blogging and videogames.

It’s the ideal job for a sleepy-head such as me. Even if you should be hired by a company you’re still your own boss. You choose when you work and the number of hours you’re doing. You’re able to take vacations if you need to, or can work off your butt in the event that you need to.

You’re responsible for your own time and effort and that is a really liberating experience. After I started working as an online English teacher I did not know exactly what to anticipate, but I knew it was definitely going to be a lot better than working in a school, or even for a huge business. I desired to be both independent and da millionaire, therefore, I took the jump and I have already been employed as an independent teacher for over a year.

I have found a lot of advantages and just a couple of disadvantages to the online teaching job. If you would like to become a digital nomad and travel around the entire world while working, this is the perfect job for you. All you have to is get online for a couple of hours a day.

In case you work with an organization which pairs you with students, you don’t even need to organize your own classes!

Inside my classes, on the web, I have never encounter impolite behavior. I am able to devote my energy to making certain the student follows the lesson plan and understand the main points of the class.

Your pupils actually try hard to learn from you. You can also speak to individuals from all over the globe.

If you make use of a camera you must appear somehow professional and relatively well dressed, however, you will never have to wear pants, heels, and suits unless you so choose to. It’s really a really comfortable job.

If you’ve ever educated in a school, then you are aware of how long you want to invest to remain in charge of the students as well as the lesson. Lots of times you have students, that simply will not study and also don’t listen in the afternoon, that leaves you tired and demotivated. This is exactly why the web courses are far better for both the educators and the students.

Individuals who purchase private courses generally possess more motivation to master a subject. They’re determined and hardworking. It is possible to see the outcome and the fruit of your time and efforts. I’m always glad if my students ask me questions by the end of each semester. Which usually means they listened and so are thinking about studying further. Online courses provide them the opportunity to achieve this as well as the shyest students turned into only a bit more excited to investigate regarding matters they desire to have more info on.

Even in the event that you fail to travel and learn more about the Earth, then enable the world to come to you. I Googled various places and organized trips for future years. I found a lot about different cultures and we frequently spend a bit of time simply comparing our states and discussing customs and habits. On occasion, you’re able to travel without leaving your house.
I was also lucky to be able to compile a few books with teaching resources which can be found on my personal page: 


To be honest, Online instruction isn’t probably the most exciting job on earth and also you also can not grow to be a multi-millionaire doing this, however, it’s very rewarding, and it provides you with a massive quantity of freedom and conserves your power which you’re able to devote to something that you like doing, like puzzles or baking cakes.

I fought a little with all the dress code in Thailand. Thais are mad about wearing colours that are appropriate and in my school every evening had an alternative dress code. I used to get tired of being careful what colors I wore. In my computer though, there’s no dress code, nor tests. You do not have to wake up early.
When I was employed as a teacher in Thailand nearly all of my time was used in lesson preparation and assessing evaluations. I regularly had to carry them home together and spend evenings moving right through them, correcting boundless errors and committing grades. Those days are over. Now I really don’t do such a thing my courses. I really don’t even have to accomplish lesson plans, that saves me a fantastic deal of time and energy.

In case You’d like to Learn more, or in the Event That You would like to apply for a teaching position, click here, feel free to contact me here or in my personal teaching page if you have any questions about the teaching or recruiting process.



Video Game Tester Jobs

This job is brought to you by Mr. Glen Anderson.

Glen is a gamer, but not any gamer. Glen discovered that there was a way to get paid to play games (yes, for real!).

So, he quit his job and started to playing video games the whole day for a living – or, rather, trying and testing brand new games for bugs and glitches before they are finally released to the masses.

That is the way game makers use to know if their games will perform properly once they are released. And of course, Glen got paid for his assistance up to 20 bucks an hour!

Now hold one because we’re just getting started, Glen didn’t stop there, he knew there were tons of other video game makers that needed testers like him – which is why you’re set to cash in BIG TIME.

He built strong links with all these top game creators (including some of the biggest names in the industry) and made a private web site to get these guys in touch with people like you, who are smart enough to know that there’s money to be made by playing the latest games – even before they hit the market.

So here’s Glen’s link for you to try it out and thank us later: –

P.S. I forgot to mention the best part: you get to KEEP the games. Imagine the reaction of your gamer friends when you tell them, that you play it weeks ago, and that you didn’t pay a dime for it, while they’d spent a lot to buy the game. AND that you even got paid to test it. Here’s the link once again:

Popcorn anyone?

Win Hard, Win Big

If you are looking for some additional cash, the instant sweepstakes are certainly for you. It’s a modified and more user-friendly version of the conventional sweepstake we have been playing forever. With instant sweepstakes, the winner is announced instantly. You may win up to a whopping $300,000 cash rewards with these sweepstakes. The best part about these sweepstakes is that there is no limit to how much you can earn if you keep playing. Unlike conventional sweepstakes, here you won’t have to waste time waiting to know the name of the winner until the giveaway concludes. Some of these sweepstakes even provide fun games to keep the players engaged.

Click HERE for a (small) chance to win $300,000 cash!

National Consumer Center

Do you want to get Amazon gift cards for free? One of the best ways for it, is to earn reward points from The National Consumer Center. The organization hosts a program which awards points to participants for completing some simple tasks. These could be providing answers for some basic questions about yourself or what products and services do you use daily. If you can gather 100 reward points, you will be able to redeem these points for a solid $1000 worthy Amazon gift voucher. It takes nothing to enter the program hosted by The National Consumer Center. It means you won’t have to pay a single penny to win $1000 for Amazon shopping.

Make money on Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where you can get things done at the unbeatable starting price of $5! Fiverr is a great place for freelancers looking for potential clients. The site is easy to use and offers the first step when you are looking to kickstart your freelancing business.

If you have any skills to provide, this is a great opportunity to make some extra cash. Click here to sign up, and check out these gig ideas below to spark your imagination~

They have everything from Graphics & Design, Writing, Translation, Business, Tech, and many more! Fiverr will seal the deal for you here. The website is a popular marketplace online for freelance services with rates starting from as low as $5. Whether you want a skilled designer for your website design project or need a digital marketing freelancer to make your site SEO-friendly- you will get all these on Fiverr and many more. 

Image result for fiverr gigs ideas

Image result for fiverr gigs ideas