Is Teleworking the new way to work?

Teleworking, or telecommuting, allows you to work in a different place than the office. The work is done in a place away from the central offices or production facilities, through the use of new information and communication technologies (ICTs).

It is the work done remotely using ICTs to sell products and services to the world. The concept “at a distance” means that you can work from home, a family member or friend, a hotel, a restaurant, a bus, a car, a cyber or any other place. The ICTs necessary for these tasks are basically PC, Internet, cell phone, telephone and digital camera, among others. The Internet includes mainly web browsing and email. And, as the case may be, blogs, websites, translation software, instant messaging (chat) and IP telephony (voIP).

The ILO defines teleworking as a form of work carried out in a location away from a central office or production facilities, separating the worker from personal contact with colleagues working in that office and how new technology makes this separation possible. facilitating communication. Find out more here.



Video Game Tester Jobs

This job is brought to you by Mr. Glen Anderson.

Glen is a gamer, but not any gamer. Glen discovered that there was a way to get paid to play games (yes, for real!).

So, he quit his job and started to playing video games the whole day for a living – or, rather, trying and testing brand new games for bugs and glitches before they are finally released to the masses.

That is the way game makers use to know if their games will perform properly once they are released. And of course, Glen got paid for his assistance up to 20 bucks an hour!

Now hold one because we’re just getting started, Glen didn’t stop there, he knew there were tons of other video game makers that needed testers like him – which is why you’re set to cash in BIG TIME.

He built strong links with all these top game creators (including some of the biggest names in the industry) and made a private web site to get these guys in touch with people like you, who are smart enough to know that there’s money to be made by playing the latest games – even before they hit the market.

So here’s Glen’s link for you to try it out and thank us later: –

P.S. I forgot to mention the best part: you get to KEEP the games. Imagine the reaction of your gamer friends when you tell them, that you play it weeks ago, and that you didn’t pay a dime for it, while they’d spent a lot to buy the game. AND that you even got paid to test it. Here’s the link once again:

Popcorn anyone?

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